FinTrack's experts work with our clients to develop a plan to meet their unique requirements and business practices. We are committed to providing superior services to all of our clients by providing:

    *   on-site evaluation of your existing systems
    *   software customization to optimize our systems for your business
    *   seamless integration with your existing systems
    *   an implementation plan to simplify any transition period
    *   ongoing, 24-7 support

We are able to customize all aspects of our systems, including business logic and presentation layer elements. In addition to supporting the unique rules of a particular market, our business logic components will also encompass any proprietary methodology in use by our client.

The flexibility of our architecture allows us to integrate with a firm's legacy systems. Integration is the secret to lowering transaction costs, providing tremendous efficiency gains via straight-through processing and workflow control. Of course, integration with third party packages is also possible, allowing a firm to broaden the range of services available.

Once a system is in place, FinTrack provides ongoing support. This can include on-line documentation, training, guidance for technical staff and 24-7 technical support. The depth of this service can be tailored to the specific requirements of our client.