Since 1997, FinTrack Systems Corporation has specialized in creating secure, real-time, Internet-based, e-commerce solutions for the Financial industry.

By emphasizing strong support for a broad range of financial markets, FinTrack is able to deliver customized, unified investment management platforms that cut across product lines to cover the life cycle of any financial transaction.

Creating systems on a framework designed specifically for the Internet, FinTrack can provide financial institutions access to real-time services, tailored to meet both their needs and those of their customers.

FinTrack's staff have tapped their vast industry experience to develop a unique architecture, using industry standard technologies, such as Java, CORBA, FIXML, FpML and HTTP/HTTPS. As a result, these solutions require no proprietary protocols, additional ports, or other unnecessary intrusion into a customer's environment.

This approach has afforded tremendous flexibility for our customers, ensuring that solutions can be customized to suit nearly any requirements. Open interfaces and cross-platform capabilities practically guarantee that these solutions easily integrate with existing legacy systems and other third-party offerings.

In short, FinTrack has enabled their partners to leverage the Internet as they strive to lower costs, increase efficiency and garner additional market share.

Our mission is to provide dynamic customized software solutions for a broad range of finanical markets, delivering unified investment management platforms that cut across product lines and cover the full life cycle of any type of market transaction.

With the advent and world-wide growth of Internet based trading, Finanical Institutions are faced with an environment of decreasing margins and increasing competition from all sides. These institutions are struggling under the weight of out-dated technologies, trying to maintain a superior presence in the market, trying to keep up with the quickening pace. As the Internet continues to emerge as the preferred medium for innovation within the financial industry, such institutions risk being left behind.

FinTrack has created a state-of-the-art environment, and is able to integrate technology specifically designed for the Internet with exceptional functional support for any organization's market priorities. By focusing on Internet technologies, FinTrack has the ability to:

    *   Deliver customized solutions to the client in a timely manner;
    *   Tap into and deliver real-time data to our clients over the Internet;
    *   Integrate with legacy and other third-party systems.

FinTrack's management team has over 40 man-years of experience within the financial industry. The principals have worked extensively in various market sectors, including interest rate derivatives, foreign exchange, equities and fixed income, for some of the most respected institutions on Wall Street, such as Morgan Stanley, Lehman Brothers, American Express, Fuji Capital Markets, Barclays Capital, Quotron and Knight-Ridder.

This experience includes the design, creation, deployment and support of complex systems covering the functionality required by these markets, including market risk analysis, credit risk analysis, scenario analysis, pricing, yield curve construction, market data handling, trading, account management and back office support. With the emergence of the Internet as a medium of change within the industry, FinTrack's principals have expanded their experience to include the development of global e-commerce solutions using the newest industry standard technologies.
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